What It’s Like to Talk to a “Dead” Person With Me

We all grieve. If we are lucky enough to love, we gotta take the painful with the pleasant. Many folks would like to reconnect with their loved ones who have “bought the farm” (a small town euphemism for dying) , but are scared silly of what exactly will happen when they finally have that opportunity. Is my loved one going to be crabby at me because I wore something ugly to their funeral? Are they gonna ride my ass about the way I am living my life? Will they suddenly appear from the ethers and goose me? Nahhhhh….it’s pretty much a regular old conversation. Except–you are in your body, your loved one isn’t.

So here’s the scoop about what happens when you sit across from me, awaiting the connection to Grandma, the dog, whomever: First thing I do is spin my head around on my neck like a top and yak green pea soup all over the wall. JUST JOKING! Hollywood paints all things related to spirits as some horrifying, gruesome affair. They would be wrong.

I explain to clients what to expect-I can’t guarantee the loved one they wish to converse with is available, they can ask any questions, stop the session, whatever. The client and I are in control, not the Spirit realm. I begin by connecting my energy to my client, then connecting to the energy of the loved one. Soon, I begin to hear them, see them in my 3rd eye, and receive sensations in my body from them–such as smelling cigarette smoke, or tasting a doughnut. I am the interpreter for them; it is my job to piece together their messages. The information may sometimes be clear as a bell, other times it is muddy and vague. Most spirits are very clear with me because they want to be understood well.

Usually conversations are pleasant, yet sad and bittersweet. My trusty box of tissues lingers nearby, ready to wipe up the tears. I really love doing family therapy; helping families resolve old conflicts that were never discussed while the loved one was in his/her body. That uses the best of all my talents–social work counseling skills, and my psychic abilities.

I share with clients that the weirdest phenomenon they will see during our session is the faces I make. My face hides nada, and I scrunch my brow, bust up laughing, wrinkle my nose, etc, like a 5 year old-just who I am. That is the strangest part of working with me.

It is common for spirits to give advice, share what they have been doing, and basically blab as always. If a spirit were to become verbally abusive toward my client, I would release the connection immediately if they couldn’t be nice. That has never happened, though.

So what ya waiting for? As the old Life cereal commercial used to say, “Try it–you’ll like it!” Nothing to fear but fear itself. Give me a ring and let’s schedule your session-317-440-8783.

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