Enjoy the Dang Day-You Might Croak Tomorrow


Croak tomorrowWell, now, that surely is a cheerful title, isn’t it? But, them words is truth. You will never have to do anything in your lifetime except pay taxes and kick the bucket. Well, you can screw the IRS if you are so inclined, but the Grim Reaper–sorry, that boy has ya by the booty. We are all going to die.

I bring this up because many of us have are waiting to be happier. Waiting for the right partner, waiting for that big promotion, waiting for our hemorrhoids to heal, etc, and so on. Always. Waiting. To. Feel. Joy. Don’t put off feeling joy another minute because you have no guaranteed amount of time in your current bag of bones.

Usually, I rush to and fro as if the greased Hounds of Hell are on my tail. I have a long to-do list, clients to contact, a dirty bath tub to clean, and the same things most Americans have on their copious to-do list also. I take any short cut feasible while driving around Indy. Living in a city such as Indianapolis, which offers only a pitiful excuse of public transportation, means one has to drive everywhere to run errands and such. Blech. I hate being stuck in the car-would give my first born (if I had one) to ride a subway, light rail system, speedy bus or chariot about this city. So to facilitate being able to remove my crack from my Honda ASAP, I take the shortest route anywhere.

I was thusly unamused when my spirit guides suggested I take longer routes everywhere I traversed today. I glared toward the ceiling of my tiny, cobalt blue auto, accusing my guides of eating hash brownies before talking with me. I DO NOT TAKE THE LONG WAY! GRRRR!!!! Then a voice said, “Just enjoy the view. Look at the sky. See what there is to see and enjoy it. Sip your iced coffee and savor the sensation on your tongue.” I did what they recommended, as they usually have a clue regarding their suggestions–whether I think they have been indulging in drugs or not.

And it was lovely! Brilliant blue played peek-a-boo behind breaks in the shitty expanse of dull, white sky. I noticed a cunning little porch perched on the side of a domicile, inviting one to have a cocktail on the comfy chairs it held. A veritable bevy of flowers are continuing to proudly bloom, not giving an eff that fall is on its way. My coffee was even more delish when I really tuned into its bold flavor. And I still accomplished all deeds needing to be done today.

I suggest you try this. Do your best to find happy sensations and gratitude during your busy days. You will be glad you did!

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