Unique Coping Skills for When the Merde Hits the Fan

Unique Coping Skills for When the Merde Hits the FanThere be a bevy of merde hitting the fan currently. I do not update myself regularly about the antics of the stars and moon and planets, but I do know they affect us. I am unsure if we can blame them (thank them?) for the situation at hand, or what the deal is precisely. All I am aware of is that many, many of us are leaving behind life as we knew it, releasing old gunk that has held us back, and are experiencing birthing pains of our new selves. Now I never popped an offspring, but I can’t say it looks like a walk in the park. And neither is this period of time.

I am not immune to the upheaval–not at all. I have known all year that there was something that needed to show itself and heal so that I could move into the next phase of being Annie. Now it is rearing its ugly arse head, and I am not digging it. Mayhap you are in the same state of mind, and your usual coping skills are taxed. Here are some unique ones I use that may be of service to ye.

  1. Journaling is a lovely activity when vexed, pissed or in a tizzy. Journaling is a time consuming affair as well. If I lack time to write my screwy thoughts on paper, then I talk to myself about what is going on as I drive to the gym. Often, merely conversing with me about my woes is calming and provides clarity.
  2. Be grateful that you that you are cleaning out your cobwebs, whether they be emotional, spiritual, physical or cognitive. It is hard to be grateful when dealing with the Boogey Men of the Past, but I would rather have this crap up, out and done. The alternative is worse-continuing to have it take  up space and bog me down.
  3. Do allow yourself whatever feelings and thoughts you experience. Stop judging yourself for being human. You didn’t come here to be perfect; you came to learn. And sometimes that learning is painful. The more accepting you are toward you, the better you will feel. Our society teaches we should all be SO HAPPY and POSITIVE ALL THE TIME. Bollocks! The more you shove your emotions, the louder they knock to have the door opened to healing.
  4. If you need extra sleep, then sleep. If you need a hug, ask for one. Pay attention to what you need more or less of, and let yourself have it.
  5. Hightail it out to the trees. Those magnificent beings are so therapeutic, standing there emitting their soothing energy. Hug a tree. Hug a bunch of trees. Wiggle in the grass. Who cares if observers think you are a nutter?

I wish you peace, my friends, as we heal and raise our vibrations. Now go hug a tree!

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