When Shite Smites the Fan, Part 2

As I pondered my inspiration for this blog, a phrase from my Nicheren Buddhist practice popped into my brain. “Changing poison into medicine.” Same concept as making lemonade when Life hands ya a large bag of lemons, but with a twist: Sometimes we don’t know what is poison, and what is medicine. My topic isn’t about merely making the best of a bad situation–it is about viewing those lemons in an entirely different light. “Oh joy,” you think, “I am tired of being an old bitch (or bastard) today. What might this brilliant author (snort!!!) have to teach me?”

Brilliant author shall teach you this: it ain’t no fun when the shite smites the fan, but! But!  Sometimes poo flung our direction (or poo we ourselves are flinging) is actually what we need to grow, expand ourselves, and/or move into our next phase of physical existence. It is NEVER a punishment from God, the Universe, Fred or whatever name you call the energy that built us here. My particular Buddhist flavor teaches us to appreciate our problems (still practicing that one) because they provide the opportunity to attain what we want, or discard what we no longer need, or in some unseen method, offer us exactly what we have been waiting for. I can see  (or believe if I can’t see)  that my “poison” actually benefits me. I chant, take action and repeat until my benefits show they lovely selves! And all along the path, I do what I can to enjoy my life, while dealing with my problems head on.

How can you see your situation in a new light today? What do you stand to gain?


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