A Weird Ol’ Day–and No LSD Involved!


Seems I was Purina Lion Chow here during a past life in the Roman Empire-et tu, Bruti?

Most days, my life as a psychic medium is fairly standard. Read energy, spirit guides show up (or don’t), “dead” people talk (or don’t), and on down the line. There are mighty comical moments, heartbreaking conversations, maybe aliens show up as spirit guides, but the process itself remains the same. Nothing bizarre typically occurs with me, either, as I do this thing called life. Except yesterday. That 16 hour period of existence after rising and shining was unlike anything else I have witnessed.

Now what can be so damn strange to someone who routinely chats with animals? This. This is what was so damn strange: spontaneous moments of how I died in past lives just showing up out of the blue. Vividly.

In an erect stance in front of the stove, cooking some eggs, I was suddenly overcome with the sensation of my throat being slit. In my 3rd eye, I saw the blood coursing down my front. Ewww. WTH? Oh well. It had the ring of a past life vibe to it, but I ignored it and moseyed on.

Next, busting my petooty lap swimming, I was grooving to my immense endorphin buzz when out of the blue, the energy of the urge to scream snaked its way from my belly up to my mouth. The sensation was so intense that I felt the almost overwhelming desire to open my mouth and scream into the water.  Then in my head, I could hear myself shrieking, “Stop! Stop! Stop!” This was accompanied by the intuitive knowledge that something violent had happened, and I was remembering it. The past lifey vibe reared its head again!  Okkkaaayyyy…..

During an energy work session, the practitioner Mary placed her hands on my throat, remarking that she felt my throat had been slit in another life. I told her what happened earlier. As she continued moving her hands over my body, I viewed my deaths in past lives. It wasn’t upsetting, as much as you would expect. I merely saw some main points and people from a lifetime, then would know how I had met my demise. In one life, I was the female partner to a Roman emperor. I saw and felt us standing in front of a crowd of people, I sensed his love for me, and I knew that I shared in his power- I also ruled the people. Immediately, I knew that he had grown afraid of my ability to influence others and had me thrown to the lions. I knew he felt badly about ordering my grisly death, but did it anyway. Huh. I witnessed about 5 or 6 more lives, then the session ended.

As I reflect on all that occurred yesterday, I am kinda scratching my head and wondering, “Well. Well.Well.”

Has this, or anything like it, happened to you? Please share!



2 thoughts on “A Weird Ol’ Day–and No LSD Involved!

  1. I don’t know if it’s past life related or not, but the absolute, very first time I visited England I had this overwhelming feeling like I was “home”. I’d never felt anything like it before in my entire life. Absolutely bizarre. I knew how to get around without issue and just felt “settled”. I literally did not want to leave English soil. Getting on that plane back I cried like a madwoman. The following days I was just absolutely and utterly depressed. I wasn’t happy being in my actual home, I wanted to be England. I eventually came out of that “funk” and on the multiple trips back (and even now) I didn’t feel that strong “homecoming” feeling that I had had before. I honestly, to this day, have no idea what the hell that was all about.

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