Did You Know that Animals Cuss?

My Most Comical Moments as an Animal CommunicatorYes, indeed, they do. I want to share a highly comedic conversation I had today with two dogs–it was just funny, and I feel the need to share the joy.

There were 4 dogs total with whom I conversed today. One dog is experiencing severe anxiety, and I suggested a flower essence to help calm her. I suggested to the mom of this gang that she put one drop into the communal water bowl–everyone sharing the same vibration sometimes assists the “patient” in feeling better more quickly. Suddenly I hear this low, deep voice say, “I don’t want that shit in my water bowl. What the fuck is going on here today anyway? No one told me we were going to do this, or I would have dressed up for the occasion.” BA HA HA HA!!! I.lost.it.laughing. Another more genteel canine interjected that he didn’t cuss; it wasn’t good manners.

Oh, and dogs can be neutered and still want to get it on, so says today’s foul mouthed canine. The dog, who I will call Oscar, then regaled us all with the tale of how even though his balls are gone, he still wants to get it on–some dogs look pretty good, even the male ones. Oh my goodness. More cackling and snorting on my part. Oscar certainly taught me a thing or two today! I knew animals cussed (our Daisy could make a sailor blush), but never heard the part about still wanting to shag even though part of the equipment is lacking.

It is NEVER a dull job working with animals.

2 thoughts on “Did You Know that Animals Cuss?

  1. Ha ha. My old boy Porter (RIP) gave the dirtiest looks for a mastiff. I know he was what the fucking every time I brought home a rehab rescue. I just lost my rescue mastiff of 10 years Chino 8 weeks ago and for first time ever in 56 years I was dogless! My heart has been broken so many times with these fur babies. I am a mastiff mom, hVe ran mastiff rescue for eons. I stepped way back 5 years ago only helped transport, evaluate and such…. until yesterday this girl was desperate, a great dane 6 months old tied out in heat covered in bites and emaciated. You can see every bone! Her name was Lola. I have her here to rehab. Not sure if she will be a foster fail. I changed her name because she has been abused. She is coal black and she told me Nina would be great. After Nina Simone. I told her just like the song Feeling Good she now has Freedom, we wont ever let anyone hurt or starve her again! xoxo Cindy

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