Yet Another Weirdo Meditation Experience

Ok, so I knew I had enjoyed some mighty strange meditation sessions previously, but last Saturday’s TOOK THE CAKE, FOLKS! This honker was a doozy, a 10 for sure on the richter scale of Weird Shit.

During a breathing class, I slipped right into my past life as a slave in the southern US. I was a female named Sarah, and I was escaping through an underground tunnel into a northern state. Wearily exiting the end of the tunnel, I knew I was finally free. I gazed up at the night sky, stars twinkling, wondering what the hell I would do with myself now.

Fast forward into my old age. I see myself as an elderly lady, with short hair, wearing a big smile on my face as I sat in a chair. I felt my life had been very happy once I escaped. Then ……this is where shit gets real……

I was dying. I observed myself in a white nightgown, lying in bed. I continued to watch this “movie” playing in my third eye as my soul gathered itself up and left my body through my navel. At this point, my body became my soul, and I floated through space,  gently pulled back to Spirit by an umbilical cord at my belly button (connected to who knows what.) With my eyes shut, my body/soul ascended further and further through the inky darkness. Stars provided light as I just kept traveling, and traveling, and traveling…..

At that point, I somehow decided I had viewed enough and immediately popped myself back into the current time and space. As I laid on my mat, shaking my head in wonder, internally shrieking, “WTF?”, I felt grateful.  I get bored easily, and being a psychic medium/animal communicator never fails to keep me entertained.

What happened during your strangest meditation? I would love to know!


2 thoughts on “Yet Another Weirdo Meditation Experience

    1. Jason, it was HIGHLY vivid! It felt so intense that I had to pull myself out of it! I am eager to return to class tomorrow and see what new third eye festivities await! 🙂 Anything like this ever happen for you?

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