Not All Who Wander Are Lost ……

Well, then, sometimes those who wander are lost….up the proverbial shit creek minus a paddle with nary a clue about how to navigate the boat.

Either state of being, wandering just for giggles, or wandering because of utter cluelessness, is all jolly and good. Our society places BEAUCOUP importance on achieving. BE ALL YOU CAN BE!!! Preferably, as fast as your ass can get it done, too! In my younger days, I was all over this. It was important to always have a plan of action and to be sternly executing said plan. I found this be a bogus way of living, at least for myself, because I was very hard core and all GRRRRR!!!!! about it.

Becoming an intuitive and aging have redefined how I get anywhere in life these days.

Yes, I do still make plans, yes, I do still have a “to-do list”, and yes, I do still have my methods of achieving what I want out of my time in this delightful bag of bones I call my body.

My attitude toward the whole affair has transformed dramatically, however. I released my attachment to “knowing” what my direction was, what was “supposed” to be happening six months from now. I discovered the bliss of listening fully to my intuition and spirit guides, and letting it all just “be.”

For example, I have known for quite some time that there are big changes coming for my business. I have been so content to listen to the clues, savor the ride, and acknowledge what works well and what doesn’t work at all in my career.  All the while, I have been calm and interested in my percolating ideas, yet not throwing a hissy fit about figuring it all out and devising a strategy to get the new plans rolling asap. It will show itself in the perfect timing, with everything I need, if I simply pay attention, meditate and follow my Buddhist practice.

I feel like I am wandering, exploring the uncharted terrain of my potential. And that is fine by me. I am not in a hurry to do anything except pay off my damn student loans.

If you are the planny type and get all flustered and fartknockery if your path isn’t going according to your wishes, slow down. Chill out. You will find your way, and you can do it easily and gracefully, or you can be a monumental spaz. Your choice.

P.S. I didn’t get all chill overnight, nor am I this way in every aspect of my life. Like you, I am a work in progress.


2 thoughts on “Not All Who Wander Are Lost ……

  1. A million times over, everything up there. I’m learning the hard way to slow the fck down and just let it all simmer and happen. My knee-jerk is to respond to every little thing that happens immediately, however I found myself in a shitty situation in May, wanted to respond immediately to it, and was literally told to stop/not to (thankfully!)- I’d be taken far more seriously if I were to just sit on it, step back from the situation, and then reapproach with a clearer head. I’m still working on the not immediately forcing/responding to issues (that aren’t real f’ing issues but wind up becoming someone else’s drama… fml) and as hard as it is, …it just “is”. I can’t force others to grow up, I can only wait. Fortunately I have a life to live and kids to feed/water/walk, so meh. Their loss.

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