I’d Heard Rats are Good Pets…..My Experience Living With and Loving a Rat

IMG_2001A Beautiful Soul in a Tiny Body

On a frigid spring day earlier this year (April 27th, to be exact), I gazed tiredly out my bedroom window and observed my stoner neighbor with a small cage and an even smaller furry animal hunched up in it.  I threw the window open and inquired who was in the cage. Long story short, he didn’t want her anymore and was turning her loose.  Due to my dippy state of mind, it took me a hot second to figure out she would quickly die in the cold winds since she had never lived outdoors.

Of course I hightailed it out the front door and brought her in. And the rest, as they say, is history.

My friend Lynda is an avid fan of rats, so I thought she could direct us to a rat rescue. We didn’t need another pet, and Bea (our cat) absolutely didn’t want another animal in the crib. As I watched the rodent hungrily inhale every  morsel I gave her, I knew that she was ours. I simply couldn’t let her leave. It was pretty much rat love at first sight.

I quickly arranged a conversation with our animal communicator. I learned that her name is Christina. I also discovered she wanted to stay with us, even though we couldn’t get another rat (they are highly social and need to live in pairs). We decided we would be her parents and playmates.

I knew it would be fun to have her, but I never expected to become so attached to her so quickly! We talked frequently, and she was a witty and loving companion. I do wonder if she was an angelic energy in a rat body. I haven’t met another creature who radiated love and joy the way Christina did.

In our eyes, she could do no wrong. Chew on the couch blanket? No biggie. That made her happy, so it was all good. Chomp on my organic tampons kept under the bathroom sink, where she played and rummaged about? I pulled the wrapper off them and laughed myself senseless as she vigorously fluffed up that tampon with her teeth!

She LOVED to cuddle and sat with my hubby on the couch each night, placing her head into his hand or crawling under his shirt. She was like a teeny canine–super loving and playful, minus the big turds, behavior issues, and massive vet bills.

Rats have a shitily short life span. 😦

She was unable to recover from the inner ear infection which was ravaging her system last Sunday, so we stayed with her while our stellar vet helped her out of her pain. It really sucks.

Christina’s body was only in our home for 3 months and almost 3 weeks. Her energy and love will be in our hearts forever.

On a brighter note, she has promised to return to us. She wants to reincarnate as a baby rat and experience a longer life as our rodent. We are thrilled, and it does provide some comfort as we grieve the physical loss of her body. She and I are still conversing too, which is helpful. But I would give damn near anything to have her back healthy and happy.



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