When the Going Gets Tough, Sometimes the Tough Take a Break

woman in white shirt sleeping on gray fabric sofa
Photo by Flickr on Pexels.com

Many greetings! It has been forever since I have written, June 29th, to be precise. You may wonder what happened to me? Was I abducted by aliens? Nah…..It would make a spellbinding blog for sure, but nothing that spectacular occurred. I almost would rather have taken a twirl around the galaxy with E.T. in his space sled than deal with what has slowed me way down.

It began innocently enough with a call to our apartment manager, needing to know why the electricity was flickering off and on. No way a chick can work without her electricity, at least not with a computer. As soon as manager handles my query about the state of all affairs electric, he dropped the bomb. We had to move. By August 31. It was mid June. ARGGHHH!!! Insert a few F Bombs.  We have lived in those apartments since April 2016 and adored them! We were pissy campers.

Fast forward to end of August, early September. I was a zombie from stress, the move, working too much (my business grew like a weed from March on), and my thyroid showed it. I was a bit sluggish. My nurse practitioner increased my medication. The increased amount wound up overwhelming and dang near shutting down my thyroid. Ooppsss!

I share my tale because I want you to stop to consider the EXTREME need for self-care, especially by women compromised by mid-life hormonal swings. I thought I was taking care of myself, I truly did. I still exercised, did yoga (ok, had to skip some classes), ate well (so what about the candy binging when petsitting), drank a boatload of green tea every day (at least it wasn’t coffee!), and chanted (not nearly enough.)  I had the glorious goal of paying off my student loan by the time I turned 51, and if I just pushed myself enough, I could do it. And I did.

What I utterly failed to do was have fun! I even petsat on my birthday, for Pete’s sake! What else I utterly failed to do was care for my emotional and spiritual selves! My body stopped the train in her tracks by slowing down the engine. If the thyroid isn’t happy, ain’t no part of your body that is gonna be happy!

As I examined my beliefs and actions which had propelled me to this sorry state, I realized there was (still is) a vast supply of fearful thoughts regarding money and my ability to earn it. Some of that is triggered by the stupidity and sickness being visited upon our country by the buffoon in office and his lackeys.  Truthfully, it was there long before that hemorrhoid on the hiney of America arrived.

There is only one you, and you have only one life in your current incarnation. Please value all of you, and honor not just your body, but your spirit and emotions too. It isn’t easy for me to learn to slow down, but dang it, I am going to manage my time and life better so that I can both work and play. All work and no play makes Annie’s thyroid cranky!

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