Straight from the Heart

Anybody else remember that old Bryan Adams song, Straight From the Heart? “La-dee-da, blah-dee-blah”, Bryan crooned. Great song. Here is the link on Youtube in case you are such a young whippersnapper that you don’t know it.  This song comes up because as ideas for this blog swished about in my head, my guides suggested that I write “straight from the heart” about a topic near and dear to me, but also not fun to share—emotional pain trapped in the body. Ugh. I loathe it, actually, since I have had so much of it what with surviving violent sexual assaults. Hate it all I want, this is how the human body is designed, and it must be dealt with.

Our bodies talk with us, and sometimes it’s a blast! Imagine a crazy craving for a big, freezing cold ice cream cone on a sweltering day, then actually taking that first bite…..ahhhh….great joy! Happy tastebuds—Wheeee!!! A party in the mouth!  Damn, our body gave us a good signal, and aren’t we overjoyed? However, when there is pain, whether that be emotional or from a physical injury, then it’s a different tune. We want that to piss off right NOW! Depending on the physical injury, it can be a fairly simple process, or more complicated. There is usually a protocol or plan involved—head throbbing and? Take some ibuprofen, and take it easy. Tummy trouble? Get a tube up the pooper and investigate the gizzard, then see what the doc prescribes. Pretty easy peasey. If you don’t know what to do, some doctor somewhere probably does.

Emotional pain trapped in our bodies; well, now that is a different story. It can be highly tricky, masquerading in any number of ways. For some, it’s IBS, migraines, sciatica—sky is the limit for how creative the body can become in a desperate bid to inform you that in some way, your life ain’t working, or you had best sit that butt down and process some emotions! There may also be trauma of which you are unaware or unable to process and release. My body’s favorite way of setting off my internal fire alarm is muscle and nerve pain. Let me tell ya, it sure gets my attention! Granted, sometimes there is a physical reason, such as when I ganked my hip this fall doing a move with a heavy weight that I had forgotten tends to bother my hip unless I work up to it slowly. That sucked.

Let’s look at how I determine how much emotional kerfuffle is involved in muscle pain, and how do I know it’s actually my thyroid is off, low magnesium, or something else? I first reflect on how I am feeling overall. What has my energy level been, is my hair falling out, have I started a new med or changed a supplement…..experience has taught me to expertly evaluate myself. Next up, my emotions. What is the state of affairs in that department? I may also contemplate my mental and spiritual selves.

Sometimes, muscle pain is a blend of the physical and the emotional. When that is the case, I create my “feel spiffy soon” plan with both aspects in mind. My physical care may include rest, toning down my exercise, or massage.

The emotional gets a bit more involved. I investigate: is it from the past or present, including past lives? Am I experiencing anger, grief, heartache, or a sense of meh? Who have I been around recently? What in the news may be triggering PTSD symptoms?

Once I have sifted and sorted emotions, I determine what to do with them. Journal, call counselor, schedule energy work, or go sit in the trees and cry? I decide and start there. Sometimes, though, physical relief remains elusive. I am currently dealing with a cycle of that. Yes, I do believe my hormones are contributing abundantly to the muscle issues I am experiencing. I also know, however, that a ton of old emotional baggage is literally being a pain in my ass and neck.

At this point, I use the chakra system to determine more about the origin of my baggage. (Explanation of chakras: )

As you can see, I have figuring myself out down to an art at the age of 54.

During this bout, I am more confused as to what feeling is causing which symptom because of the whole hormonal nonsense. As I write this, I am scratching my head in befuddlement as I wonder what in the hell to do next. I have intuitively been drawn to working with the body dialoguing process in the book Your Body Speaks Your Mind by Deb Shapiro. (Here is the link to that most excellent of tomes: ) That book is my old buddy! I have turned to it over the years when I have flares of muscle/nerve weirdness in order to discern what exactly my precious bag of bones is communicating. Until now, I have never laid down and ask my body exactly what her message is. I am currently experimenting with that process. I did it yesterday during acupuncture, but durn it, I can’t remember what I heard! I was rather relaxed, to say the least.  I am trying again tonight.

I do recall yesterday finding it challenging to know if the messages where truly from my body, or from fear. Guess I need to keep working on that, right? I plan on using my intuition as well.

Anyhooters, I hope this helps you on your path. Being a spirit in a human body just isn’t the easiest of tasks. I sometimes wonder what the dickens was I thinking to incarnate again? Regardless of what my soul was up to when I concocted this particular life plan, here I am! May as well make the best of it, right? I certainly don’t have a bad lot in life, not at all. I count myself as highly fortunate and blessed. I do wish my body sometimes didn’t talk so much, though. I will relay my journey of listening to my body more in another blog.

Until then, may much joy be with you!

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