How to Kick Your Energy Back into Gear

Oh my goodness, I don’t know about you, but my energy was all funky, wonky, and out of whack completely after the holidays! We had a blast, but time to engage in my usual energy self-care routines had been fairly nonexistent. I had also been eating in a way that caused my 3rd chakra to feel toxic, and that never does my energy a favor. Throw in a failed foray into intermittent fasting, and I was a dumpster fire on two legs.

As I write this, I am feeling a strong flow of intuitive juice. Thankfully! So how did I do it?

First of all, whenever you sense a disconnection in your intuition, and everything is totally cattywampus, hie thee to the great outdoors pronto! We celebrated Christmas with my family for a few days, then drove straight to Chicago for a wee getaway. I adore trips to Chicago with my husband, but hokey smokes! Being surrounded by cement, honking traffic, towering skyscrapers,  and tons of people was the last thing I needed. I could literally feel my energy sitting in my body at an angle. Ughhh…. When we returned, I immediately made time for a long, long brisk walk in my favorite woods, then parked it straight onto the ground. I rolled up in the comforter that I keep in the back of my car and sent reiki to myself for a solid 30 minutes. I also asked Archangel Raphael to assist. Sounds completely bonkers, but I always notice a difference whenever I invite him into my healing party. I continued getting outside on a daily basis.

Next up, visited my chiropractor and acupuncturist. I got extra needles in my head to move the sludge sloshing about my cranium.  Forgot about fasting at night and began feeding myself when I am super hungry, like I always do. I kept my schedule as light as possible so I could focus on regaining my intuitive and spiritual equilibrium.

Epsom salt baths nightly continued clearing me, and burning sage around myself while setting the intention that I am cleansed, cleared, and protected gave my energy an additional scrubbing.

I basically kicked my self-care into overdrive and focused on me. Buddhist chanting for an hour yesterday was the spiritual Draino I needed to flow freely at last. If you are interested in trying it for yourself, here is a video that explains the deets to begin:  Intention and prayer are a powerful combo, and when paired with the sound of chanting, it’s a manifesting technique on steroids. Nicheren Buddhism is also a powerful, positive spiritual philosophy, and I will write more about it another time. Here is the organization’s main website, though, for now: http://www.sgi-usa.org

If you are an energetically sensitive person, I can’t stress the value of regular self-care enough. The vast majority of folks like us are truly going to feel like shit on a shingle if they don’t keep their energy cleaned, cleared, and protected. Picture your aura like your armpit. If you ignore cleaning and deodorizing your armpit, after a  short time, that sucker is going to stink to high heaven! Your aura is the same way.

What do you find most beneficial for reinstating a balanced energetic state after the holidays?

Happy New Year, and take some time to get that stinky, sludgy aura squeaky clean!

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