Advice to the Lovelorn on Valentine’s Day

When I was an unwed broad, I frequently had a dude around at Valentine’s Day. Usually kinda worked itself out that way…mostly because for years, my ¬†dating standards included concepts such as “makes me laugh until I spew water from my nose,” “digs a crazy party,” and “has long, curly, brown hair and vaguely resembles Jesus of Nazareth minus the white frock.” Here is a comedic moment from my romantic past: I gleefully toted home one Jesus looking dude who was also an artist and, frankly, weird.

When I inquired hopefully ¬†of Mumsy what she thought of the dude, her reply was–keep in mind, she delivered this with a totally straight face, serious as a heart attack–“He was kinda gray.” HA HA HA! I eventually progressed to higher standards, and changed the sign above my head that read, “Only hippies, artists, and musicians need apply”. I shockingly wound up becoming matrimonially hooked up with a law professor, and this chap is a keeper!!!

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