By crackey, I can talk to cats too!

Well, am I talented or what? 🙂  Not only can I converse with your dead relatives, sense spirits in buildings, and read your energy, I can chat it up with your animals too. Now bear in mind, I don’t feel this is my calling in life and don’t offer this to clients. I adore animals, don’t eat meat or dairy, lead as vegan of a life as I can without making myself nuts–you would think I would be hopping up and down to further develop and share this skill. Naaahhhhh. I am meant more to work with people. But I am posting this to share with you a delightful experience I had about a year and a half ago with my cat Don Ho as he was passing into the spirit world. It was astounding–mind boggling–really bonerific!! I just want to open your eyes today to the fact that animals are just like us in every way, shape, and form, but in different bodies. That is why I treat them with the utmost respect and abhor factory farming. Oh crap, don’t get me started–quick! Someone get me off my factory farming soapbox before it gets ugly! Whew! That was a close call. Anyhooters, if animal communication is something you would love to experience with your hairy pals, then check out my friend Shannon Gross. She is the BOMB!! We have been using her services for a few years now and love her. Shannon’s website is conveniently as follows:

So sit back, grab your Kleenex, and enjoy the following tale:


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