Qualities You Had Best Possess If You Have a Hankering to be a Professional Psychic


There are some really, um, questionable, psychics out there. I have been to one myself–he was so totally full of it! Dude was quite knowledgable about astrology, and every observation out of his cake hole was just typical for my sign, a Leo. He also muttered some gibberish about a spirit under a tree in the backyard and some chick putzing about the crib….all highly general and truly of no use. The other I have fortunately never met. This one really makes my blood boil.

Psychic was reading for guests at a PARTY!!–A PARTY!!!–A JOYFUL, KICK-UP-THY-HEELS SOIREE– and actually told one lady that her daughter would die soon. W!T!F! How rude and insensitive. That is a bit of info I never tell anyone, let alone when someone is unwinding and letting her hair down.

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Cultivating Gratitude for that in Our Lives Which “Sucketh”

“Oh, that’s too bad! What horrid news!” “Wow! Good for you! How cool!”

It is basic mammalian nature to avoid pain like the plague and seek pleasure. Would be kinda stupid if it weren’t that way,  wouldn’t it? Well, yes, from a survival perspective. But from the personal growth perspective, judging our life’s circumstances as only good-pleasureable- or bad-painful-and appreciating only the good ones doesn’t help us much sometimes. We can learn and grow immensely if we take time to ponder the painful ones, gaining gifts and insight that only hardship can bring.

Now I am not advocating placing yourself in harm’s way, such as cavorting gaily down the street at 2:00 a.m in a rough neighborhood, in order to grow emotionally and spiritually. I am referring to those circumstances in our lives that show up out of the blue and are usually beyond our control…such as being raped, severe car accidents, heart attacks, the bigger doozies. The ones that really, really cause a ruckus.

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