Qualities You Had Best Possess If You Have a Hankering to be a Professional Psychic


There are some really, um, questionable, psychics out there. I have been to one myself–he was so totally full of it! Dude was quite knowledgable about astrology, and every observation out of his cake hole was just typical for my sign, a Leo. He also muttered some gibberish about a spirit under a tree in the backyard and some chick putzing about the crib….all highly general and truly of no use. The other I have fortunately never met. This one really makes my blood boil.

Psychic was reading for guests at a PARTY!!–A PARTY!!!–A JOYFUL, KICK-UP-THY-HEELS SOIREE– and actually told one lady that her daughter would die soon. W!T!F! How rude and insensitive. That is a bit of info I never tell anyone, let alone when someone is unwinding and letting her hair down.

In order to be an effective, hope-imparting energy reader that folks look forward to being with, here are some traits ya had best have, or at least beat a hot path toward cultivating. Otherwise, you stand the possibility of being on my shit list for hurting clients who came to you for guidance.

  1. Have a genuine, burning desire to help people. Being psychic/intuitive has its down sides, and you really need to want to use your abilities to assist folks.
  2. Humility. This ain’t about you. Any credible energy worker worth his/her salt readily admits they are partnering with Universal Energy, Spirit, God or whatever you have named the energy that started us on this planetary joy ride. If you are doing this to feed your ego, be revered by others, or some other turdery, then do us all a favor and seek counseling.
  3. Know how to deliver “good” and “bad” news. Now, there really is no “bad” news, but we humans often think there is. We easily forget that often we drool and dribble at the mouth about this, that or the other, getting our knickers twisted, certain that whatever we want is SO right for us! It is common to be terribly incorrect about what best serves us, and later we are on our knees, bellowing, “THANK YA!!!” to the Heavens that our plans turned out differently. Tact and common sense will save your client’s day every time when sharing information.
  4. This is the biggest honkin’ granddaddy of ’em all–be ethical. Telling a client their child is about to lay a corpse is sketchy under any circumstances. Nosing around in other folks’s energy fields without their permission will get you a big slap across the knuckles with the ruler also, especially if a client wants unnecessary information about others. I also refuse to discuss potentially cheating partners. If you feel compelled to inquire about where your honey has been dropping their britches, then you should take it up with them, and not me.

These are some of the most critical traits to being of service to others. There are more, but without these, you are pretty much up the creek. Yes, you have to be able to read energy very, very well, but it won’t get you or clients far if you lack basic characteristics.

I train qualified individuals to be competent intuitives/psychics. Please contact me at 317-440-8783 for further information.

2 thoughts on “Qualities You Had Best Possess If You Have a Hankering to be a Professional Psychic

  1. I love this! I started re-opening up about two years ago but before that I went to a bogus “psychic” who took total advantage of me in a weakened state. I now know that GENERALLY us medium’s don’t sit at a table with a crystal ball and tell you the date and time you will win the lottery. We are here to help and the words we get are from the divine…..in my experience they usually don’t say things like you mentioned above. Great post!

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