Attachments: Part Uno

Attachments come in a multitude of sizes, energies, and so on. Some we may benefit from, such as the attachment (clasp) on the back of one’s bra. Ol’  boulder holder wouldn’t hoist those boobies up if it weren’t for that clasp! But, attachments can really suck and drain us if we aren’t observant of our minds and that to which they cling.

Many of us have an attachment to physical items, such as caffeine (GUILTY!!), chocolate (GUILTY), and _________________________ (fill in the blank with that thing you get way cranky  about when it’s not around). One of my other physical attachments is to the gym. I morph into a snarling hag if I miss my exercise. Continue reading “Attachments: Part Uno”

Do It Anyway!!!

So my spirit guide Diana told me a few weeks ago that I would write a book which will make me a lot of $$$$.  To this I responded, “WHATTT???” I experienced extreme incredulousness. I am, after all, a woman with the sense of humor of a 10 year old boy, and I grew up surrounded by a bevy of corn fields. Now you may be thinking that my first problem isn’t not believing that I am capable of doing this. You may be thinking, “Your first problem, ya silly beotch, is that you are staring at the air, head tilted like a dog, and talking to an invisible chick!” If so, oh well. Your opinion of me is none of my business. But my opinion of me and my capabilities is 100% my business. It is obvious I need to get my head out of my ass and discern why in the heck I believed I wasn’t capable of achieving this feat.

All of us have a story we tell ourselves regarding our own lives. I am this, I am that, I can only do this much, and NO WAY will I ever do THAT!!! That sucker isn’t written in stone,not even one letter of that bitch is written in stone. Your inner programing stems from your upbringing and a pecker load of other factors. Well, why the dickens CAN’T  you do something vast, exhilarating, something that makes your knees knock and your heart pound, and your joy juice flow like Niagra Falls?  Every journey begins with one step. I say it is time to get your ass in gear and get stepping!

Continue reading “Do It Anyway!!!”