How to Kick Your Energy Back into Gear

Oh my goodness, I don’t know about you, but my energy was all funky, wonky, and out of whack completely after the holidays! We had a blast, but time to engage in my usual energy self-care routines had been fairly nonexistent. I had also been eating in a way that caused my 3rd chakra to feel toxic, and that never does my energy a favor. Throw in a failed foray into intermittent fasting, and I was a dumpster fire on two legs.

As I write this, I am feeling a strong flow of intuitive juice. Thankfully! So how did I do it?

First of all, whenever you sense a disconnection in your intuition, and everything is totally cattywampus, hie thee to the great outdoors pronto! We celebrated Christmas with my family for a few days, then drove straight to Chicago for a wee getaway. I adore trips to Chicago with my husband, but hokey smokes! Being surrounded by cement, honking traffic, towering skyscrapers,  and tons of people was the last thing I needed. I could literally feel my energy sitting in my body at an angle. Ughhh…. When we returned, I immediately made time for a long, long brisk walk in my favorite woods, then parked it straight onto the ground. I rolled up in the comforter that I keep in the back of my car and sent reiki to myself for a solid 30 minutes. I also asked Archangel Raphael to assist. Sounds completely bonkers, but I always notice a difference whenever I invite him into my healing party. I continued getting outside on a daily basis.

Next up, visited my chiropractor and acupuncturist. I got extra needles in my head to move the sludge sloshing about my cranium.  Forgot about fasting at night and began feeding myself when I am super hungry, like I always do. I kept my schedule as light as possible so I could focus on regaining my intuitive and spiritual equilibrium.

Epsom salt baths nightly continued clearing me, and burning sage around myself while setting the intention that I am cleansed, cleared, and protected gave my energy an additional scrubbing.

I basically kicked my self-care into overdrive and focused on me. Buddhist chanting for an hour yesterday was the spiritual Draino I needed to flow freely at last. If you are interested in trying it for yourself, here is a video that explains the deets to begin:  Intention and prayer are a powerful combo, and when paired with the sound of chanting, it’s a manifesting technique on steroids. Nicheren Buddhism is also a powerful, positive spiritual philosophy, and I will write more about it another time. Here is the organization’s main website, though, for now: http://www.sgi-usa.org

If you are an energetically sensitive person, I can’t stress the value of regular self-care enough. The vast majority of folks like us are truly going to feel like shit on a shingle if they don’t keep their energy cleaned, cleared, and protected. Picture your aura like your armpit. If you ignore cleaning and deodorizing your armpit, after a  short time, that sucker is going to stink to high heaven! Your aura is the same way.

What do you find most beneficial for reinstating a balanced energetic state after the holidays?

Happy New Year, and take some time to get that stinky, sludgy aura squeaky clean!

Why Choose a Spiritual Path?

When I was a wee turd growing up in Waldron, IN (population 269, including the town cat), my parental units frequently trotted me to church. I have to scratch my silver pate, and wonder why? Dad wasn’t particularly religious, and certain aspects of Christianity chapped his ass mightily (i.e. homosexuality is a sin, for one.) Mumsy’s parents never took her to church, but for some reason, we attended. And for an even stranger reason, as a 4 or 5 year old child, I felt like I belonged in that sanctuary. I actually wanted to be there!

Fast forward to high school. Mumsy hauled my carcass out of bed every Sunday, and I used church mostly as a social hour–pass notes to the other girls in the back pew, watch to see if anyone was digging for gold (picking the nose), and head back to the nursery to play with the toddlers when the sermon commenced. I had been a highly gung ho Christian as a kid, but was less so as a teen. Why? Well, I was a teen–enough said there, right? Mostly, however, I had begun to question certain tents of my faith. Like, no one can go to heaven if they don’t accept Jesus as their savior. Now in order to do that, one has to have the cognition to grasp the whole concept of Jesus, something a cognitively disabled person would be sadly unable to do. So all cognitively disabled folks who couldn’t understand the concept of Jesus were doomed? What?  I don’t recall any caveats to that idea-ya either did or didn’t accept Jesus. Ya either went to heaven or to hell. How could that scheme be cooked up by  a loving God? And on and on, until I just couldn’t buy any of it anymore at all. So I waved goodbye to Christianity. Continue reading “Why Choose a Spiritual Path?”