My First Contact with the “Dead”

For many moons, I thought it would be just the best to be able to talk with the spirit world. Why? The biggest reason is that I miss my family and friends (both those who used to be both human and animal) so, so terribly. Like everyone else, I have some relatives who are, to be nice, unsavory individuals. For the most part, my family has been lovely. My dad and grandparents were particularly lovely humans, and never a day goes by where my heart doesn’t hurt because they are out of their body. I thought being able to still at least have a conversation with them would ease the pain. I ¬†also dug the idea of being able to help clients with their grief issues. Continue reading “My First Contact with the “Dead””

What I’ve Learned About Death


Grim Reaper Dons A Green Hoodie, above

I shall begin with stating the most obvious fact about death; we all are gonna do it at some point. Croak and pay taxes–there ya are! Two things your hiney is not going to get out of!!!!

Being a psychic has added a different dimension to my views on leaving this bag of bones behind. In some ways, I feel way more mellow about croaking because of what I have learned. In other ways, it hasn’t changed a solitary thing.

I still lose my marbles when someone I love dies. They may be chatting away left and right, blabbing up a storm to me, but so what. I continue to wail and sob and feel pissy they are no longer in the body I knew them in. I get super huffy if they die young. Sadness overcomes me if I ponder no longer being in my current body. I find I am quite attached to it.

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