What I’ve Learned About Death


Grim Reaper Dons A Green Hoodie, above

I shall begin with stating the most obvious fact about death; we all are gonna do it at some point. Croak and pay taxes–there ya are! Two things your hiney is not going to get out of!!!!

Being a psychic has added a different dimension to my views on leaving this bag of bones behind. In some ways, I feel way more mellow about croaking because of what I have learned. In other ways, it hasn’t changed a solitary thing.

I still lose my marbles when someone I love dies. They may be chatting away left and right, blabbing up a storm to me, but so what. I continue to wail and sob and feel pissy they are no longer in the body I knew them in. I get super huffy if they die young. Sadness overcomes me if I ponder no longer being in my current body. I find I am quite attached to it.

So here is what I have learned about death as a psychic. Please bear in mind, these are my experiences only. All of us have our own viewpoints and reality, and they are all equally valid. What I state may be wrong to you, but to me, it feels right.

The time of death isn’t set. When my grandfathers and dad were in the midst of lingering illnesses, there were times that I heard my guides say, “This is it. They are going.” That statement was usually never correct. Why? Heck if I know. I speculate it’s because we have to make up our minds we are going to leave. My dad didn’t accept the fact that his body was kaput until the night before we took him off life support. I don’t know about the rest of my relatives, but Dad fought long and hard to be here with Mumsy for their 50th wedding anniversary. He was staying, and there you had it. Now how this works in the case of sudden death…..me just not know. What do you think?

I have never heard a spirit discuss heaven, hell, or the rainbow bridge. Sorry, animal lovers. Now most spirits I speak to seem quite happy. Some of them mention the struggles of acclimating, whatever those struggles might be. Spirits of our loved ones, both humans and animals,  spend time watching over us, wanting us to be well. Humans who acted like big bitches simmer down and talk to folks nicely. I have noticed that if someone was quite lively and boisterous in their body, that is how I will feel their energy–lively and boisterous. My Grandpa Sever was a mighty willful man–“independent as a hog on ice,” as he would put it. Anytime I seek the services of another medium, guess whose spirit is always  first in line to chat? Yep, Grandpa Sever.

There is always someone we love to meet our soul when we leave our body and head on out to greener pastures.

I have learned that our loved ones want to be able to talk to us as much as we want to hear from them. Sometimes they are thrilled silly when I connect with them, with their loved one is sitting across from me.

For me, being with a loved one as they leave their body is an honor–I get to be with them as they return to spirit. I like to think my presence helps send them happily on their way into their next adventure. It is equal parts heartbreaking and heartwarming.

I have much more to learn about death and the spirit world. This is at least a fine start, methinks.


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