Believe it or not!

At the risk of sounding like some doobie smoking New Age guru, I am here today to give you an important public service announcement: If you don’t believe in it, it ain’t gonna happen. Or it may be happening, but you will entirely miss out on it because you are too busy not believing.

The importance of your beliefs has been touched upon by so many authors, and I would like to add my ass to the list. And why am I reiterating what so many of you already are aware of? Because it is your A #1 determiner of how quickly your intuitive abilities will develop. Or not. Today I got totally blissed out of my shit taking a wee break at the grounds of the Indianapolis Art Museum. Not completely a break, you see, because that is where I always head with my mammoth crimson business journal to get information from my Guides and assorted others in Spirit. Yes, I plop my petooty right onto the green grass and chat with these beings who aren’t currently residing in a physical body. If someone had told me years ago that I would be able to do this, I would have heartily agreed with them. I always believed I would be able to someday. Now, if the same person also imparted that I would someday be able to understand algebra, I would have called them a liar. Guess who to this day, after 3 attempts at the same stinking college remedial algebra class, doesn’t get for the life of her why someone doesn’t just use their damn head and add together simple numbers? Quit pissing around with substituting numbers for letters, for John’s sake.  In addition to having no interest in math, I always have also believed that I just can’t do it. (But by God, I can tell you in a heartbeat how much a dress at Macy’s is at 30% off off the original price at 50% off. That is really all matters in my life mathematically.)

So how do you believe in something you have never experienced? First of all, when it comes to intuition, I guarantee you have experienced your intuition hard at work. We all have it. I would recommend visualization and affirmations for strengthening  your belief systems. For more info on these, try reading some Shakti Gawain, Greg Braden, or Wayne Dyer. These folks know their business when it comes to this stuff. And don’t ever give up. Persistence ALWAYS pays off. I will also be teaching some intuitive development classes in the near future–come have fun with me!

And if all else fails, just remember that I am married to a lawyer. Happily married, I might add. Me….the girl who never dated anyone other than artists and musicians, who refused to give the time of day to a man with short hair. Me….the same woman who for months refused to have anything to do with my husband because I thought he would be snotty and too conservative for me. If kooky, creative me can marry a lawyer, then anything wonderful in this world can happen.

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