A Day in the Life of an Intuitive

So what is it actually like to live intuitively? Does an array of heavenly beings routinely beam themselves into my living room, recline leisurely on the couch, and chat? Do my family members who have passed into the Spirit world  suddenly materialize by my shopping cart at Target and admonish me to get the hell away from the clearance rack–I don’t need one more red cardigan? Uh, no. It goes more like this:

First thing in the morning–plop my ass on the couch after I have carefully placed my cabinet containing my Buddhist mandala onto the coffee table, chant, and tune into my guides. Or they get my attention first. Sometimes, information will arrive as soon as I open the doors to the cabinet. Such as, who is going to be dying (like when my great aunt died last summer–heard the date and approximate time two days prior), feel the energy of the day and receive advise about it, or just whatever. I tend to receive info about sales at stores as I drive, not in the morning. Then I chant and set my intentions for the day.

At work: when I work with clients, I have both physical ears tuned into them, but my internal ones are listening to Spirit. As we converse during life coaching sessions, questions will pop into my head that they need to examine. I set the intention that I ask the best questions that will help them see themselves and their situation thoroughly so they can change. When I do readings, I listen more intently to Spirit and just let whatever I am hearing come out–of course, delivered with the abilities of a former social worker. What words I choose to deliver the message make all the difference in a client feeling empowered by the information, or conversely, defeated by it. And I am all about empowering. During a reiki session, I feel the energy coming from a client and move according to that. Also, if they want, I provide them with the information that I receive as I move into different chakras. With personal shopping, I ask Spirit what stores will be best for my client, and that is where we go. Once in the store, I ask directions for which racks to peruse. Works like a charm!

I also use my intuition to get driving directions, weather reports, and figure out how my car is doing. Grandma, my car, is a ’96 Carolla. That damn thing is like the Energizer Bunny, but does occasionally need her oil checked or various and sundry other items attended to. I just always get a feeling that it is time to check the oil, get her looked at, or put air into the tires. Thanks to my intuition, I haven’t screwed up the engine on her like I have my other Toyotas. Me and cars….oh God. That is a whole other story.

So you see, using intuition on a daily basis is highly useful and practical. Ooopps!! Forgot one MAJOR point–protection. Each day as I brush my teeth in the morning, I have an intention of protection taped to the back of my mirror. I read it and say thanks. I don’t want to get information about people or be bombarded by the headaches, stomachaches, or whatever physical issues those around me are having. This helps prevent this, as does wearing an onyx on a long necklace with some other crystals under my clothes.

American Express says we shouldn’t leave home without it–I say you shouldn’t leave home without your intuition. It can’t be beat with a stick!

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