A Day in the Life of an Intuitive: Part 2 (or, what happens when the sh*t hits the fan)

So last week I shared what it is like to live intuitively, Annie style. This week, you will come along for the ride as I describe what it is like to use your intuition when the sh*t hits the fan!

Case in point: last Sunday morning. Took Daisy out for her morning toddle (at 10 years old, our little Pomeranian typically doesn’t move too fast in the morning these days). As we stood at the top of the stairs that lead to our apartment’s dumpsters, every dog’s favorite place for sniffing and pissing, I spied a baby raccoon. He slumped over before the bottom stair, then gazed up at me with sad, sick little eyes. “OH SH*T”! I gasped. I knew right then and there that my day was going to be very different than I had planned.

I promptly high-tailed the Daisers back into the apartment and flew down the stairs to help the little guy. He precariously stood on his back legs, then flopped over onto my feet in a seizure. I panicked–what to do? I had an event to attend, and I just was beside myself. I couldn’t leave him unprotected, but didn’t know what I could do for him. So I consulted with my husband, who was every bit as clueless as I. That is when it occurred to me–ask my guides and my Higher Self. So I breathed deeply, calmed down, and tuned into the energy. I discovered he was dying. Nothing could be done to save him, but perhaps he could be put to sleep.

Long story short, our little friend passed away that night. I couldn’t find anyone to put him to sleep on a Sunday, but was able to offer him reiki as I talked comfortingly with him. He was so sick–I finally just cried as he had yet another round of seizures. I sent the reiki with the intention that it ease his pain and help him pass more quietly and quickly. As I sat with him, I was given the vision of how to quickly break his neck and end his suffering. I couldn’t do it, but was grateful that I was shown the option.

So, you see how to use intuition when the sh*t hits the fan–breathe, slow down, then ask for and trust the information you receive. And if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

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