Now for a real humdinger!!!

Ha ha! How could I have forgotten about this? Oh boy. Here is a doozy for you to contemplate. I always welcome comments, but would really enjoy them on this one.

In 2005, I took an intuitive development class with local psychic Vicki Beaman. I adore her–she has a very dry sense of humor and way of rolling her eyes that always makes me laugh. She looks totally normal, her eyes alert and intelligent. Nothing about her appearance suggests anything batty, personality wise. Well, anyhooters, one night in class, she calmly announces with a straight face that there are aliens in human bodies traipsing gaily about our midst–they resemble us, but are actually E.T. in disguise. I was a social worker then who evaluated folks seeking psych services, so immediately my brain whirrs into action, highly suspecting she is psychotic as hell. Not seeing a bottle of Zyprexa nearby, I open my mind a little as I continue listening intently, eyes narrowed, brow scrunched like someone smelling a stinky fart. Vicki shares that these kinfolk of E.T. look and act like us–it is just when you tune into their energy to read for them that you discover something ain’t right–Dorothy, we sure the hell aren’t in Kansas anymore on this one!! Well, I tucked that one into my cap and went on my merry way. Whatever. Far be it from me to question this–I figured I would just get a second opinion. And yes, Jim Puskala, another local psychic who has been reading forever, agreed with Vicki. And he is perfectly sane as well. Hmmmm……

What do you think? Could this really be? I have yet to read for any of them, these alien hybrid beings. I guess I will know I have one coming into my office when they pull up front in their space ship–LOL!!! Well, if you know any, send them my way. I would love to read for them–will just have trouble not waggling my index finger in their direction and telling them to phone home.

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