Mmmm..hmmmm. Girlfriend here has lost her Zyprexa-says she can talk to animals!!

Uh no, Girlfriend here has not lost her Zyprexa. Never had it, never will. Wasn’t that a line from a beer commercial at some point? Yes, well, anyhow. Back to the topic at hand…animal communication.

I can have full blown conversations with dogs, cats, pigs, whoever, as can many other people. For whatever reason, to this day it surprises me that we can do this. I guess because I always thought of them as just cute, cuddly, funny little beings, here for me to squeeze, fatten up with too many treats, and sing songs to. Au contraire! They have opinions, concerns, desires, likes, dislikes, same as you and me. The things they say! Our cat Prince Phillip is way more serious than I am and doesn’t like to hear my silly songs, stupid nicknames, and the like. One day I gazed lovingly at my feline offspring and called him “Mr. Wincles” in a voice eerily reminiscent of Cartman from South Park. In my head, I immediately heard, “You make me feel like such a dumb ass when you talk to me that way.” I felt so badly! I try not to talk to him like that, but when you have a darling, chubby, pink nosed putty tat….well, it is just difficult to maintain composure and not get silly with him!

I firmly believe that anyone can develop this ability if they practice, believe in themselves, and just keep at it. A great book to begin your animal communication journey with is The Language of Miracles by Amelia Kinkade. Easy to read, fun, practical–I  love the biscuits out of it! She even explains via quantam physics how we actually achieve this feat of conversing with other beings in furry bodies. Being a massive mathematical moron, I won’t even bother to condense that info for you. Just take a gander at it yourself and let the fun begin!

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