Ooppps! I made a naughty at the KISS concert!

Why yes, if there were a dour Catholic, school teaching nun from the 50’s around, she would be rapping my knuckles with a ruler but good!! (Heard tales of such antics from my granny–don’t know if it is true). Anyhooters, the nun’s knickers would be in a wad because I broke one of my cardinal rules of intuitive reading at the KISS concert at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. What is the cardinal rule? Don’t read someone unless you have their permission. To me, it is being nosy–like furtively sneaking a  peek at someone’s journal. You see, when you have intuitive abilities that are highly developed, it behooves you to operate ethically. I believe in treating others as I want to be treated, and I know I do not at all like someone reading my energy sans my permission, and if I am not paying them to do so for my benefit. And who did I read without permission? None other than that sexy 58 year old fart, Paul Stanley.

Just couldn’t help myself. I have dearly loved KISS and Paul Stanley from the tender young age of 10. Awash with awakening hormones, I was fascinated by him. That coal black hair! Those sultry eyes! That perky pucker! And Lord help us all, the —gasp–hairy chest. Little did I know, but Paul was the beginning of my life long fascination with Jewish men. My biggest dilemma was–should I strive to marry him or Shaun Cassidy? Like I said, I was 10. But now I am 43, and my idol was before me, strutting his hairy stuff, exuberantly singing, and I was ecstatic. He has such magnificent energy as a performer, despite the number of years he has been doing it. I wondered if it was all an act, or if he really loved it as much as he seemed. Considering he is rather difficult to find much information about, no books that I know of are available about him, I knew I probably would never find out. And I really, really wanted to. It occurred to me then, well, hell. I could just connect with him and read him. I could get my answer.

I got my answer, plus a few other bits of information that came along for the energetic ride. Then the guilt set in……ahhhh, dude!! I just broke my own rule. 😦  But ya know, there was no malicious intent at all. I meant no harm. I am in awe of people who are very passionate about their work; I love to witness that energy. And he has it. I simply wanted to know if it was real.  I didn’t mean to call the National Enquirer or blab my findings to all and sundry. I sheepishly told Jim about what I had done because I felt so guilty. I was able to verify one piece of information on the computer, but I didn’t run my fat yap about it. Before I disconnected my energy from his, I sent him lots of pink light and love, along with a message thanking him for the joy he has given me through the years.

Doubt he felt my individual message, no doubt he will never see this blog, so no harm done. Right? What do you think? If you could (or if you can) read energy quite well, what are your ethical rules of reading?

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