The Good, The Bad, and The Sometimes Ugly

So how do you know when you are sitting in front of a good (i.e. honest, knows his/her stuff) psychic vs. sitting in front of a con artist? And as far as being ugly?  Well, that made for a catchy title now, didn’t it?  Here are some tips.

They will admit they aren’t always right. John Edward says he is never wrong. Oh, really, John Boy. Given that there are 365 days in each year, one would think that there is just a chance that mayhap John would have an off day. He is human after all, correct? Or maybe he is one of the aliens that I blogged about earlier…..ha ha ha.  Anyhooters, I think John is full of it. He is incredible at what he does, yes. He has been doing it since dinosaurs were flying around, but….he isn’t perfect. So that leaves room for error. And if someone says they are always right, then I say they are wrong.

They are very, very vague. I once had a reading from a dingleberry who said his Indian name was Crow.  I think his Indian name should have been Rabbit Shit because that is what he was full of. He asked my birthday, then proceeded to ramble about my personality traits (duhhh…..I am a Leo. That isn’t hard.) Money was tight, (again, duhhhh), there was a spirit under the tree in the back yard, another spirit hanging in maybe, say, the crapper, a few more vague references to my love life, then that was it. Come on. There should be at least some detailed and correct information pertaining to more than just your personality traits. Any chowder head with an astrology book can get at least some of that right.

They offer to remove an evil spell for you if you give them extra money, or encourage you to buy special products to remove the aforementioned evil spell. No. Just no, no, no. This is wrong. This is a scam. Hie thee out the door asap.

I hope this enables you to be on your own happy trail to a valuable intuitive reading.

If you would like a reading with me, please call me at 317-440-8783, or email me at Ta ta, dear readers!

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