Is it live? Or is it Memorex?

OMG, that is such a pressing question. The possibilities for discussion are endless! Pffftttt…..

Now on the other hand, a question that really does pose endless discussion even without the assistance of alcoholic beverages is this–does the concept of a predetermined “fate” really exist, or is everything just free will? Cue in the song, “Things that Make Ya Go Hmmmmm…”, right?

My darling spousal unit and I are members of an interfaith discussion group, and this topic presented itself at our meeting last week. I have since then scratched my head (and no, not because I have fleas) and pondered this one, brow and mouth scrunched up like the dog just ripped a stinker. Being a psychic and Nicheren Buddhist, I do believe VERY strongly and know for sure that we do indeed have a bevy of free will–our belief systems, personal choices, ability to get our fat asses off the couch and engage in life all make a huge difference in what happens in our daily existence. For example, my grandpa was in bad health a few years ago. Every morning, I tuned in to his energy to see what his will to live was, when he was going to die, what time, etc. One day, he would be ready to take the permanent dirt nap. Next day, he had more energy and zest, no intention whatsoever of passing over. He kept changing his mind and didn’t leave until he was damn well in the mood. Plenty of free will at work there,right?

But let us use me and the aforementioned darling spousal unit, Jim, as an example of  arguing perhaps predetermined fate does exist. Myriad decisions on both my part and his, plus his ex-wife’s, resulted in our meeting and marriage. Back in the early 90’s, the ex decided to attend law school in Indy. Then they decided to stay in Indy rather than return to Valparaiso. Divorce ensued in the late 90’s, with Jim deciding to move into the Marrot apartments. My friend Steph had decided to work there, and being the raving matchmaker she was back in the day, she told me about him and vicey versa.  Me–I had decided to adopt my dog Kubi back in the early 90’s which resulted with me not becoming a flight attendant and leaving Indy. In 1994, I just couldn’t get myself to leave Kubi in the states so I could move to Prague and teach English. Wanting to move to Washington for grad school, I decided to stay in Indy so it would be cheaper. In 1999, Steph kept telling me about how wonderfully funny Jim was, but I just would have nothing to do with an attorney. I thought he would be an anal retentive Virgo with a compulsive hand washing obsession and determined I wouldn’t be swapping spit or knocking knickers with this guy. That is, until I sat by his funny, beautifully nosed self on the evening of January 28, 2000 at a party, and the rest is history. I changed my mind REAL FAST about him, asked him out, 5 months later had an engagement ring, and married him 13 months later.  See how many decisions, twists and turns of fate, brought us together? Just one different decision somewhere along that path would have resulted in us never meeting. So……..hmmmmmmm.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts….don’t be shy. Inquiring minds want to know!

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