Looks like crap, smells like crap….guess what? It is crap.

Today we shall learn how to find a reputable intuitive and/or medium. There are some real scam artists out there, and it behooves you to learn how to spot them.

The easiest way to spot a scammer is to simply follow the old adage which is the title of this post–if it looks like sh*t, smells like sh*t, then it is sh*t. In other words, first and foremost, trust what your gut is telling you about the person who you are considering doing business with. The one time a scammer ever read for me, I had a strong feeling that this dude was full of it–and I wasn’t doing readings at the time myself. Allow your gut to be the end decision maker on this one.

If possible, get a referral from a friend. What to do if you lack psychic pals? Call the intuitive you are considering working with, and ask them about their process. Can you ask questions? How long does the reading last? Do they talk to spirits? Will they tell you when you are going to die? Are they right all the time? In my opinion, someone who will tell you the date of your death or someone else’s is just plain old unethical. What good could come of that information? All you will do is fret and worry about it. I heard of a lady who received a reading at a party, and the psychic told her that her daughter would die soon. The woman was devastated. Isn’t that horrible? I felt so badly for the poor soul. Anyone who tells you they are right all the time is so full of sh*t that I guarantee their eyes will soon turn brown, if they aren’t already.

Some other questions to ask and points to consider: Beware a purveyor of crystals, candles, etc. which claim to repel or eliminate evil spirits. Yes, crystals do help energetically. I use them myself. But if the person says that ONLY their product will do this, or that ONLY they can get rid of evil energy, then you had best run as if the Hounds of Hell were lapping hard at your ankles.

Does the psychic believe that everyone has intuitive abilities? We all do–trust me, we all do. A psychic who thinks that she/he is “extra special” because of their abilities is probably on a massive power trip. Most likely they are using the abilities to gain a sense of control over others, not to empower others with a sense of control. Avoid such a windbag, ok?

Another swell option is to visit a local New Agey type store; they typically employ only experienced, knowledgeable psychics. In the Indianapolis area, we have one aptly named New Age People which provides excellent readings on a walk-in basis. Then, of course, you can always call me. Shameless self-promotion, I know, but it is my blog. I have been reading energy since 2002 and began it as a part of my life’s work in 2005. As a former psychiatric social worker, I have the education which enables me to impart information in a helpful and empowering way. Plus, my spirit guides are sometimes a HOOT! It can be really fun and life changing. 317-440-8783. Bon voyage to you in your psychic endeavors!

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