The Mystery and Methods of Intuition

Intuition, psychic ability, however you slice and dice it, whatever you call it… works in mysterious ways. It does, though, arrive in your consciousness through a variety of sensory methods; that we can bank on. And what are those sensory methods? ?(I am getting some help writing this blog from my Spirit guide, John. He is a bit on the formal side, which is why this blog kinda sounds like I have a corn cob in my ass as I write this.)

First, we can hear our intuition. Literally. You may hear a sentence in your head, such as “Don’t drive that way today. There will be an accident.” You can also see intuitive information, such as having a strong vision of an accident occurring just as you are preparing to turn your car onto another road. Some folks receive information through their sense of smell. One time I was doing a reading and smelled the stinky feet of a man whom my client potentially could wind up dating. Grody! Taste comes in there too–sometimes a taste of food will pass through my piehole as I do a reading for a client. You can also have a strong sense of knowing…..don’t know why you know what you know, but you strongly feel it to be true. Then there is the feeling sense–you can feel other people’s tiredness, headaches, etc. During readings, I can feel a client’s old injuries or health problems in my own body.

Some people only receive information in one method…..some are strictly “feelers”, “seers”, or whatever fancy pants term you care to use to describe it. Me….I have the variety pack. I get info in every way, shape, and form available. Probably because I get bored so easily…..the Universe knew I wouldn’t stick with boring work very long, so it has done all it can to keep me entertained during my work day.

And how do you know if the information you are receiving is truly an intuitive hit, or just some jackassery your brain is cooking up? Well, that is a blog for another day.  I would suggest you begin to pay attention to how you receive what you think may be intuitive information. Energy flows where attention goes, and the more you are open to receiving, the more you shall receive.

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