What Does Psychic Phenomena/Intuition Have in Common with a Colostomy Bag?

Good question, huh? And one you have never considered, I bet. Here’s the answer: they have absolutely nothing in common. However, when I meet with other business people, or tell anyone in general what my profession is, I receive a few typical responses. One of them is for the person’s eyes to suddenly dart furtively about the room , lower their voice to a whisper as if preparing to tell me to give me the details of their colostomy bag, and mumble, ” I would never tell anyone this but you….” Then I hear about their ability to sense spirits, predict the future, know when someone will die, what have you. They seem very embarrassed about having intuitive and psychic occurrences.

Why are we ashamed of what is a very natural, universal experience? We are born this way….all of us. It is our birthright to use our 6th sense in an ethical way to help ourselves and others. I don’t know why we are ashamed…..I suspect we could blame the Puritans for this. Bunch of sour pussed, ol’ party poopers. You know if I had been around back then, they would have slapped me between 2 graham crackers, with some chocolate and marshmellow, and made a big, blond s’more out of me. They certainly didn’t value any intuitive expressions, and I think that attitude has remained in certain folks.

But there is just flat out no reason whatsoever to not love, develop, and use this aspect of our brains. I have had to overcome my concerns about what others would think of me because I am a psychic medium. Yes, you do have to be able to stand up for yourself and your beliefs because some people are going to have a problem with you. And it is THEIR problem. Learning to trust our 6th sense can be another barrier to embracing our intuitive nature, but that too can be overcome. Practice makes perfect…or just good enough. Your psychic abilities are yours to use as you see fit…just because your are highly psychic doesn’t mean you have to use that gift professionally. You just have to learn to manage it and use it ethically to your benefit.

And so there you have it. When you see me, don’t tell me about your intuitive hits in a tone of voice usually reserved for the discussion of colostomy bags. Be loud! Be proud! Embrace your psychic self, and let the good times roll!

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