Perhaps John Needs Some Midol

I had the distinct pleasure of observing famed psychic medium John Edward do his thing in front of a live audience on March 8th. I love John. I have devoured all his books except his one fiction piece….ol’ boy knows his stuff and can also easily teach it to others. So I was curious to see what he would be like in person.

He was just what I expected, with one exception. He really got on the rag with some audience members who didn’t readily agree with the information he received….thus the title of this blog. Midol maybe, John? Or perhaps I would get a bit feisty too if I had done this type of work for 30 years and dealt with all the heckling that invariably arrives with it.

Anyhooters, he calmly walked onto the stage wearing a simple black shirt and jeans. John, thank you so much for not dressing like a jackass. Since we are psychic mediums, people may already be nervous and skeptical when they meet us. Not dressing like some New Age doobie smoker wearing a turban dripping in crystals puts people at ease. One of the things he said first was that he doesn’t have a “gift”–he is simply doing what all of us can do. He was born with increased capacity to develop this ability, just like some people are born with a genetic inclination to be excellent mathematicians. John easily and joyfully explained how the session would unfold. Thank you again, John! People feel more comfy and relaxed when they know what to expect. He answered questions from various audience members, and then spirits showed up!

I wondered if I would pick up spirits or any information; hoping to avoid that, I placed extra protection around myself. It worked for only so long. The feeling in my heart and solar plexus area soon began, that sense of pressure and feeling someone was around. I quickly took care of that problem because I was in no mood to hear everything before it came out of someone’s  mouth.

All was rolling along beautifully until John decided he didn’t like the responses he received from some folks. I am so glad I didn’t receive information from him and have him talk to me like that…I am sure I would have been asked to leave because I would have had a word or two for him. Specifically, why get so pissed? One lady’s situation had never been certain…her husband was found dead in a car. No one knew if he killed himself, but it looked that way. But they never knew for sure. He got riled when she shared that no one really knew what happened–getting mad at her because he was telling her what happened,  and he was right. It got to the point that he corrected one of her answers: “Ma’am, the answer should have been, ‘Yes, we are divorced.’  ” He was jacked up because she said they were divorced, yet still living together. There is no reason to get mad at an audience member who is simply providing more information.

John is excellent, no doubt about it. But I would recommend saving yourself the cash and heading to your local Spiritualist church to see psychic mediums at work for free. In Indy, the Progressive Spiritualist church ends each service with 2 trained mediums providing messages to the congregation. Detailed, specific messages, not just that the person on the Other Side is ok.  And no one will get mad at you either! Here is the link to the Progressive Spiritualist’s website: Enjoy!

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