Something Necessary for Intuitive Development that No One Ever Tells You

There are many books about developing your intuitive/psychic abilities. The bookshelves are just agog with them at your local library and bookstore–and I have read a fair number of them. As someone who has invested a bevy of time and energy into her intuitive development, I can say that I haven’t seen much emphasis placed on one very important aspect of intuitive development. It is especially critical for the intuitive newcomer. It is this: get enough sleep. Get lots.

Your body is your radar, your antennae, your CB radio, your iPhone app, whatever, to the energetic vibrations all around you. In order to accurately begin to feel and interpret these waves of energy, you need to keep your body in tip-top order. The body is the RV for your soul, the vehicle which transports your energy  and by which you understand all that is around you. When you are chronically sleep deprived, as most Americans are, you  just aren’t all there. You function more slowly and simply don’t notice nearly as much about anything. Being acutely attuned to your environment and your energetic shifts is a MAJOR piece in learning to use your intuition routinely and reliably. New intuitive developers will find it so much more aggravating and frustrating trying to feel energy when they can’t stop yawning. When you are at least relatively well rested most of the time, all 6 of your senses will be so much more keen and vibrant.

Enough for now. I have to go take a nap…..  :).

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