“How Do You Deal with Skeptics?” Indeed, How Do I?

Today someone inquired as to how I handle skeptics. Why, I smite them about the head and shoulders with a frying pan! Ba Ha! Nay, I don’t smite anyone except my husband (playfully) now that I am a grown woman and no longer live with my brothers. They got smited! And but good!  With my shoes! But that is another story.

As you may suspect, not everyone believes that I truly have the skills that I claim: to read energy and wisely advise clients about  their issues, talk to “dead” people and animals, converse with animals, and similar assorted activities. That is ok. Really, it is! My belief is this: It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around. How dull it would be everyone thought and acted like I do. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

Not everyone gives two shits about any type of spirituality. A strong sense of connection to Spirit is my common thread to most other energy workers, regardless of what our religion is, what methods we use in our work, etc. Some folks don’t want to discuss anything to do with the afterlife, the energy which created us and our magnificent planet, and such topics. And so? Doesn’t mean they are right or wrong, and neither am I. We are just who we are. We are all here to experience our Planet Ride in our own way, and the spiritual/metaphysical realm simply ain’t their cup of tea.

My profession clashes with a BANG!!! according to some religious views. Now anyone who can truly believe I am evil after they have spent even two minutes in my presence would surely have to be dead as a door knob. Come on. I am truly a loving, kind person. But if ya wanna believe I’m in cahoots with Beelzebub, knock yourself out. Because the other concept I strongly take to heart is: Your opinion of me is none of my business. I got a raging stink eye from someone at a networking meeting as I described my intuitive services. The look on this person’s face clearly gave away the fact that he thought I was a scammer, ready for the loony bin, or both. Oh well. Why should I not do my part, in my way, to help people and animals be happier and healthier just because some think I am full of it?

So this is the end of today’s ditty. I hope it helped someone in my profession handle the skeptics or downright nasty folks they encounter. Don’t allow anyone to keep you from using your intuitive skills as you see fit. The world needs you to do your part. So go do it!  And have some fun while you are at it.

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