Keep Your Power


People seek my intuitive services for a vast number of reasons–nosiness; wanting to speak with a loved one in Spirit; and usually questions concerning romance, career, health, and finances. Regardless of what else I may say during our session, they all receive this message: Keep Your Power. Do not allow my intuition to guide you more than your own does.

An honest, ethical psychic/intuitive does not make client’s decisions for them. We are there merely as a guide to their journey….not the one making it. We can provide helpful insight and answers that they are unaware of, but they should always use that info in whatever way they see fit.

A client once called me, excited as the dickens that she had made some decisions. She wanted to schedule an appointment to see how those decisions would turn out.

I immediately declined the meeting, saying that whatever I told her could certainly influence the outcomes because that information would impact her actions. We have free will, and our thoughts, beliefs, and actions determine how our life pans out.

So if you are ever seated across the table from a psychic who says that you aren’t intuitive, that only certain “gifted” people are intuitive, or says anything that demeans your personal power, then run like the greased hounds of hell are after you.

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