How to Spot a Scamming Psychic, Part 2

Unfortunately, I felt compelled to pen a Part 2 on this topic. I want consumers to be well-educated on choosing a quality energy reader.

So here is what popped into my head since last week: the psychic should be able to provide extremely detailed information about you and your life. If they are continually stumbling along and acting like everything is hunky dory when they ain’t getting shit or shinola right, then ask them if they can read you.

Not every psychic can read everybody. I can read most folks fairly easily, but it has occurred that all I could pick up about a client was his preferred brand of toilet paper. Oh, and that he had mowed the  yard recently. He was thrilled with these priceless nuggets of information! *snort* not really!  I was working at a large party with two other psychics, and I promptly told him the situation and sent him to another psychic. There have been 2 others I couldn’t read, but I am aware that history could repeat itself. When it happens, I simply apologize that I can’t read them and refer to someone else. That is the honest thing to do. If you strongly feel the person can’t read you, and they won’t admit it, then end the session asap. No need for you to waste time or money on further tomfoolery.


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