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My Secret Protection

Nope, not going to dish about deodorant, feminine hygiene care or whatnot. I am referring to energetic protection here, not smelly parts. What is energetic protection? For me, it is an activity, product, or both simultaneously which keeps my aura clean, comfortable, and in top notch working order. Anyone, animal or human, who is sensitive to vibrations needs daily energetic guarding.

Golden Armor is a flower essence which provides some boisterously kick ass protection. Created by Green Hope Flower Essences for both animals and humans, here is how they describe it on their website:

“Our most important Essence for electrical protection

Golden Armor provides information to our electrical systems about how to buffer and protect us from computer screens, radiation and atmospheric changes, aberrant astral energies, human negativity, dissonant sounds, viruses, bacteria, man made dissonance in the airwaves and any other kind of vibrational bombardment we experience.

-Animals almost invariably need this remedy because they are deeply affected by the immense amount of man made dissonance in the airwaves.
-The Angels encourage all the people and animals at the farm take Golden Armor every day.


Abutilon, Echinops, Elderberry, Eryngium, French Marigold, Golden Yarrow, Goldenrod, Leopard’s Bane, Rattlesnake Master, Sea Holly, St John’s Wort, Teasel, Thistle, Titan, White Yarrow, Wild Abutilon” Continue reading “My Secret Protection”

Ya Think Life Would Be Easier…..

Indeed. Seems like life would be a hell of a lot easier, smoother, etc and whatnot when a gal (or dude) can read energy. You know what to do! You hear guidance, as if perhaps Archangel Michael is blasting directions through a megaphone into your head. No willy nillying around, trying to make up your mind about your situation. Oh no, because you read energy!

It isn’t that simple. Like most counselors and other helping professionals, we are fabulous at doling out advice, but can’t always figure out what to do for ourselves. Some intuitives and psychics can’t even pick up information for themselves. I can, but at times, my attachment to the outcome boogers everything up. Why? Two words–attachment and should.

I have written endlessly about the nastiness of the words should and attachment. Both can cause a pecker load of trouble. Focusing on what we deem to be the best outcome, without allowing that another could be equally as beneficial, is indeed angst producing. And should. Doing what we think others want us to do, or what is the “right” thing to do, but not really taking into account what feels best,usually  winds up pooping on our parade in the long run.

So if making a decision is causing you trouble, do what I plan on doing. Write about it at length, talk to your friends and family, perhaps go see a counselor or psychic (or both), and then sit still with yourself and your version of spirit guides, God, Allah, whomever. It may take a while, but eventually, the answer will show itself.

What’s Hot To Trot About Aging–And What’s Not

Aging gets a shitty rap. Now that I am getting old enough to be weathering the storms of perimenopause and it’s absolute weirdness, I can understand why.  Actually I understood why it gets a shitty rap quite a long time ago when my grandparents and dad died. I am here to tell ya: aging ain’t all a turd fest. It truly has benefits, and in some cases, many of them! Come along with me while I tell you a tale of what I dig about no longer being a “spring chicken.”

HOT TO TROT Continue reading “What’s Hot To Trot About Aging–And What’s Not”

Can a Psychic/Animal Communicator Pick Up When Someone Will Die?

My Most Comical Moments as an Animal Communicator

My answer to that question is this: kinda and kinda not. Hey, aren’t you thankful that I am being so specific? LOL!

My most common experience pertaining to a soul leaving its body is that departure time often changes. Animals will tell me that they are healthy, and their energy feels lively. Next thing I  know, a week later, out of the body. As with  us, illness can strike animals with lightening fast speed, sometimes followed by death. When my dad was wretchedly ill in the last two to three years of his life, I would often get a strong premonition that his time was up–Grim Reaper was on the way. Sure enough, usually he would wind up back in the ER, barely breathing, but the medical staff’s ministrations always did the trick of reviving him. Until that last hospital stay, when his tired body finally pooped out on him. Continue reading “Can a Psychic/Animal Communicator Pick Up When Someone Will Die?”

I’d Heard Rats are Good Pets…..My Experience Living With and Loving a Rat

IMG_2001A Beautiful Soul in a Tiny Body

On a frigid spring day earlier this year (April 27th, to be exact), I gazed tiredly out my bedroom window and observed my stoner neighbor with a small cage and an even smaller furry animal hunched up in it.  I threw the window open and inquired who was in the cage. Long story short, he didn’t want her anymore and was turning her loose.  Due to my dippy state of mind, it took me a hot second to figure out she would quickly die in the cold winds since she had never lived outdoors.

Of course I hightailed it out the front door and brought her in. And the rest, as they say, is history. Continue reading “I’d Heard Rats are Good Pets…..My Experience Living With and Loving a Rat”

Not All Who Wander Are Lost ……

Well, then, sometimes those who wander are lost….up the proverbial shit creek minus a paddle with nary a clue about how to navigate the boat.

Either state of being, wandering just for giggles, or wandering because of utter cluelessness, is all jolly and good. Our society places BEAUCOUP importance on achieving. BE ALL YOU CAN BE!!! Preferably, as fast as your ass can get it done, too! In my younger days, I was all over this. It was important to always have a plan of action and to be sternly executing said plan. I found this be a bogus way of living, at least for myself, because I was very hard core and all GRRRRR!!!!! about it.

Becoming an intuitive and aging have redefined how I get anywhere in life these days. Continue reading “Not All Who Wander Are Lost ……”

Attachments: Part Uno

Attachments come in a multitude of sizes, energies, and so on. Some we may benefit from, such as the attachment (clasp) on the back of one’s bra. Ol’  boulder holder wouldn’t hoist those boobies up if it weren’t for that clasp! But, attachments can really suck and drain us if we aren’t observant of our minds and that to which they cling.

Many of us have an attachment to physical items, such as caffeine (GUILTY!!), chocolate (GUILTY), and _________________________ (fill in the blank with that thing you get way cranky  about when it’s not around). One of my other physical attachments is to the gym. I morph into a snarling hag if I miss my exercise. Continue reading “Attachments: Part Uno”

Yet Another Weirdo Meditation Experience

Ok, so I knew I had enjoyed some mighty strange meditation sessions previously, but last Saturday’s TOOK THE CAKE, FOLKS! This honker was a doozy, a 10 for sure on the richter scale of Weird Shit.

During a breathing class, I slipped right into my past life as a slave in the southern US. I was a female named Sarah, and I was escaping through an underground tunnel into a northern state. Wearily exiting the end of the tunnel, I knew I was finally free. I gazed up at the night sky, stars twinkling, wondering what the hell I would do with myself now. Continue reading “Yet Another Weirdo Meditation Experience”

Did You Know that Animals Cuss?

My Most Comical Moments as an Animal CommunicatorYes, indeed, they do. I want to share a highly comedic conversation I had today with two dogs–it was just funny, and I feel the need to share the joy.

There were 4 dogs total with whom I conversed today. One dog is experiencing severe anxiety, and I suggested a flower essence to help calm her. I suggested to the mom of this gang that she put one drop into the communal water bowl–everyone sharing the same vibration sometimes assists the “patient” in feeling better more quickly. Suddenly I hear this low, deep voice say, “I don’t want that shit in my water bowl. What the fuck is going on here today anyway? No one told me we were going to do this, or I would have dressed up for the occasion.” BA HA HA HA!!! Another more genteel canine interjected that he didn’t cuss; it wasn’t good manners.

Oh, and dogs can be neutered and still want to get it on, so says today’s foul mouthed canine. The dog, who I will call Oscar, then regaled us all with the tale of how even though his balls are gone, he still wants to get it on–some dogs look pretty good, even the male ones. Oh my goodness. More cackling and snorting on my part. Oscar certainly taught me a thing or two today! I knew animals cussed (our Daisy could make a sailor blush), but never heard the part about still wanting to shag even though part of the equipment is lacking.

It is NEVER a dull job working with animals.

Here’s What Your Deceased Pet Wants To Tell You

As an animal communicator who is also a psychic medium, I receive calls from grieving pet parents who want to know their furry loved one is well. They also frequently ask to find out if their pet is happy with the treatment he or she received prior to the transition (leaving the body).

This is what I have learned from having many of these conversations, both as communicator and recipient.

  1. Your pet is definitely way ok with the treatment received toward the end of their time in a body. Parents worry if they are doing the “right” thing, if the animal was in too much pain, did they wait too long for euthanasia, etc. I have yet to ever hear an animal who wished for a different ending; they continually reassure us that humans feel their energy and know their needs exceedingly well. So relax…..what you did, or are doing, is the right thing. Listen to your intuition when that times comes because you will know exactly what to do and when.
  2. Your pet is still around you after leaving the body. I don’t refer to animals or humans as “dying” when I discuss my work because only the body ceases function; the energy inside it lives on. During one session, the cat announced he was sitting atop the human’s head right that second! We both got a good laugh from that. Typically the animal will stick around the homestead quite a bit until they are sure that all is well. After that period, they often report going on “vacation”, a time of playing and engaging in absolutely nothing but fun with those they love who are in spirit with them.
  3. They want you to be happy. Really. And to please stop crying and grieving as soon as you can. I know, good luck with that one. Our Daisy left over 2 years ago, and I still sometimes hold her ashes and sob. Pets offer us unconditional love, something that is in short supply for many folks. We stink; they don’t care. We are cranky; they love the crankiness away. And by all means, don’t think you have to wait a certain length of time to welcome a new furry love into your abode. They want us to have another barking best buddy as soon as we feel it is right, not wait until it feels we have honored them enough. We honor them best when we share love with another while treasuring the memories and good times created with them.

Continue reading “Here’s What Your Deceased Pet Wants To Tell You”