Did You Know that Animals Cuss?

My Most Comical Moments as an Animal CommunicatorYes, indeed, they do. I want to share a highly comedic conversation I had today with two dogs–it was just funny, and I feel the need to share the joy.

There were 4 dogs total with whom I conversed today. One dog is experiencing severe anxiety, and I suggested a flower essence to help calm her. I suggested to the mom of this gang that she put one drop into the communal water bowl–everyone sharing the same vibration sometimes assists the “patient” in feeling better more quickly. Suddenly I hear this low, deep voice say, “I don’t want that shit in my water bowl. What the fuck is going on here today anyway? No one told me we were going to do this, or I would have dressed up for the occasion.” BA HA HA HA!!! I.lost.it.laughing. Another more genteel canine interjected that he didn’t cuss; it wasn’t good manners.

Oh, and dogs can be neutered and still want to get it on, so says today’s foul mouthed canine. The dog, who I will call Oscar, then regaled us all with the tale of how even though his balls are gone, he still wants to get it on–some dogs look pretty good, even the male ones. Oh my goodness. More cackling and snorting on my part. Oscar certainly taught me a thing or two today! I knew animals cussed (our Daisy could make a sailor blush), but never heard the part about still wanting to shag even though part of the equipment is lacking.

It is NEVER a dull job working with animals.

Here’s What Your Deceased Pet Wants To Tell You

As an animal communicator who is also a psychic medium, I receive calls from grieving pet parents who want to know their furry loved one is well. They also frequently ask to find out if their pet is happy with the treatment he or she received prior to the transition (leaving the body).

This is what I have learned from having many of these conversations, both as communicator and recipient.

  1. Your pet is definitely way ok with the treatment received toward the end of their time in a body. Parents worry if they are doing the “right” thing, if the animal was in too much pain, did they wait too long for euthanasia, etc. I have yet to ever hear an animal who wished for a different ending; they continually reassure us that humans feel their energy and know their needs exceedingly well. So relax…..what you did, or are doing, is the right thing. Listen to your intuition when that times comes because you will know exactly what to do and when.
  2. Your pet is still around you after leaving the body. I don’t refer to animals or humans as “dying” when I discuss my work because only the body ceases function; the energy inside it lives on. During one session, the cat announced he was sitting atop the human’s head right that second! We both got a good laugh from that. Typically the animal will stick around the homestead quite a bit until they are sure that all is well. After that period, they often report going on “vacation”, a time of playing and engaging in absolutely nothing but fun with those they love who are in spirit with them.
  3. They want you to be happy. Really. And to please stop crying and grieving as soon as you can. I know, good luck with that one. Our Daisy left over 2 years ago, and I still sometimes hold her ashes and sob. Pets offer us unconditional love, something that is in short supply for many folks. We stink; they don’t care. We are cranky; they love the crankiness away. And by all means, don’t think you have to wait a certain length of time to welcome a new furry love into your abode. They want us to have another barking best buddy as soon as we feel it is right, not wait until it feels we have honored them enough. We honor them best when we share love with another while treasuring the memories and good times created with them.

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Let Us Try a Little Tolerance, Shall We?

Spirituality and religion have been on my mind a lot lately. So has Zevia soda, but that won’t make a riveting blog, so today’s missive is about tolerance. Particularly, tolerance of different religions and/or spiritual paths other than our own.

Just some background, my spiritual path included some wandering about hither and yon, studying this and that, then finally finding the right “flavor” of Buddhism for me. I was raised Christian and really dug it until I began thinking about it. Questions about what would happen to the souls of cognitively impaired folks who couldn’t understand that Jesus was supposed to be their savior–I never saw a clause in the Bible stating they were exempt from hell simply because they lacked the IQ to grasp the concept. Sending someone to an eternal fire party because of this seemed really cruel to me. The questions continued in my mind until I decided I no longer believed any of it. So I enjoyed trying some other traditions until I landed on Nicheren Buddhism. Continue reading “Let Us Try a Little Tolerance, Shall We?”

What is Spirituality? The World According to Annie

Now ya might receive a different definition of both spirituality and religion if you head on over to Wiki or some such, but here is how I see it:

Religion-what someone else created, with a set of rules and regulations making sense to him, explaining our relationship with a Divine Thingie, and how to maintain that relationship. For some religions, how to keep the Divine Thingie happy, lest it smite you. Typically it dictates how one should treat other humans, and sometimes, animals and the earth. It also typically asks that you follow all its precepts, or a sound, thorough smiting (or other unpleasant situation, perhaps for all eternity)  shall come to you if you question any of it. There are various levels of adherence to religion, such as Amish (hard core with their beliefs) and Mennonites (Amish light, if you will.) Parental units sometimes teach their religion to offspring, but usually discuss zip about spirituality. Continue reading “What is Spirituality? The World According to Annie”

Intuitive Development: Yet More Good Stuff


Above: My Old Man busting a move

I adore writing about intuitive development, but I tend to perform that task in a rather random manner. I know I have not shared today’s gems with you, though. So, sit your crack down, and prepare to learn.

So there are many activities one can undertake to develop intuition/psychic ability/whatnot such as that. Practicing, journaling, blah, blah and blah are all helpful. One thing I think many folks don’t mention is that you need to keep your own energy moving in order to read and/or connect with energy. If your auric field is constipated, pour it a heaping dose of invisible Milk of Magnesia by moving your body. Continue reading “Intuitive Development: Yet More Good Stuff”

Annie’s Good Vibe Plan

Let us begin by defining what the sod a “good vibe” is. It is energy that causes happiness, glee, tomfoolery, etc. Most of us can determine with small effort that a dog, especially one as handsome as my nephew Benny, is a purveyor of good vibes. What are some other people, items, or actions that can envelope ourselves and others in stellar energy? Here are some of my faves:

IMG_0711My Great Pyrenees nephew, Benny

  1. Sending others a silent blessing. The one I recite in my head most often is “May you be happy, may you be well, may you be peaceful and at ease.” As I hear myself thinking this, I surround the person in white light. I have zero scientific evidence that this does squat for the recipient, but so what? It certainly isn’t harmful, and my heart lifts when I engage in this practice.

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Create a Laughing Matter

This dismal, gray, saggy time of year sucks the laughter out of many. Add the political maelstrom the U.S. is currently experiencing, and the ability to laugh really heads to hell in a hand basket. If that isn’t chapping your ass, then something else probably  is–a loved one diagnosed with cancer, your boss is an old bat (or bastard), etc, etc. If we allow it, life will drain us of our joy juice. Please don’t let that happen. Find some way to laugh. Even for a minute, if you can, or at least give it a shot.

When life is too frightening, too bewildering, the one thing we can always bank on is that laughter will make us feel better at least temporarily. It is like an IV of glee and glitter for your soul. Laughter is free. Snicker at some Three Stooges on Youtube, hang out with your bestie whose sense of humor is superb, listen to a laugh track…..whatever it takes! Can’t think of anything that could garner a guffaw right now? What used to make you laugh? How can you access that in the current moment?

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Surthriving the Election Night and Beyond

cropped-img_0203.jpgKinda wacky photo of me, isn’t it? It is several years old, but that strange expression pretty much describes how many of us are feeling in these few days left before Nov. 8. My election day plans incorporate work, friends, spirituality and wine–and  HELL  YEAH I’m voting too–so that I don’t waste my time fretting and foaming at the mouth about what life might be like if the Pumpkin Head is elected. But what about the days immediately following election day? Regardless of who wins, it isn’t likely to be a  peaceful, serene time which will provide us with fond memories we will adore recalling when we are geezers. Nope. Not at all. So how to manage that best so that we don’t just survive that stress, but we surTHRIVE it? (surthirve is a word I created to express not only getting through a tough time, but thriving during it as well.)

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Coping With My Emotions About Donald Trump

Two or three weeks ago, I was going to write a blog thanking Donald Trump (who shall henceforth be known as DT). Was I going to thank him for being a gargantuan  pustule  upon the ass cheeks of America? No, I considered thanking him for the abundant opportunities for spiritual growth he and his supporters offer. Then his bevy of sexual assaults were revealed….and he bragged about them. I went.ape.shit. Screw thanking the F@#$^ Son of a @#$%! As one who has surthrived (one who not only survives an atrocity, but thrives in spite of it) being raped at gunpoint, I have an extra dose of venom for …ahem….humans (I use that term loosely in this situation) who commit violence upon innocent people.

DT was already at the top of my shit list when the tape of his confession was discovered, but at this point, I began to feel intense hatred toward him. Then the hatred spread to those who were STILL going to support him! Not only had he called vets with PTSD “not strong enough to handle it”, made fun of a disabled person to the man’s face, and on down the line of reprehensible actions and words, but this! Sexually assaulting women! Screw my spiritual growth; my heart and consciousness were shrinking with hatred. Sadness and befuddlement too, but a veritable boatload of hate. I was so rattled that I had to talk to my counselor because my peace of mind was blown to bits.

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Part 2: How We Stay Happily Together


Bertram the Snakey Shoe Horn

So you may have read how my delectable spousal unit and I met. What a heartwarming tale it is!

Meeting someone you are bananas about (and who reciprocates the affection) doesn’t happen every day, but it does occur. It is a bit more scarce for that affection to actually last. In our almost 17 years together, we have watched many of our friends’s marriages go belly up. We have had our share of scary times, but managed to weather them and be all the stronger–both individually and as a couple.

How the bloody sod have we accomplished this? It goes like this:

We agree to disagree. It is that simple. We pretty much agree on most things, but not on some. Whoopy de do0!

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